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Stearic Acid USP

Stearic acid is a saturated fatty acid with an 18-carbon chain and has the IUPAC name octadecanoic acid. It is a waxy solid and its chemical formula is C17H35CO2H. Its name comes from the Greek word στέαρ “stéar”, which means tallow. The salts and esters of stearic acid are called stearates. As its ester, stearic acid is one of the most common saturated fatty acids found in nature following palmitic acid.


Stearic acid undergoes the typical reactions of saturated carboxylic acids, a notable one being reduction to stearyl alcohol, and esterification with a range of alcohols. This is used in a large range of manufactures, from simple to complex electronic devices.


Chemical Name: Stearic acid
Mol. Formula: C18H36O2
Mol. wt.: 284.48 g·mol−1
CAS No: 57-11-4


General Specifications

Test Specification…USP
Characters Hard, white or faintly yellowish, somewhat glossy and crystalline solid, or white or yellowish-white powder


Test A

Test B

Test C


  1. It meets the requirements of the test for Freezing Point
  2. Acid Value: 194–212

3. Specified test

Solubility Freely soluble in chloroform and in ether; soluble in alcohol; practically insoluble in water.
Residue on Ignition Not more than 0.1%
Heavy Metals Not more than 10 ppm
Iodine Value Not more than 1.5
Color of Solution The resulting liquid is not more intensely colored than Standard solution Y or Standard solution BY.
Acidity No red color develops.
Freezing Point 64-69C
Residual solvents Meets the requirements

  1. Stearic (octadecanoic) acid

2. Sum of the stearic acid and palmitic acid


Not less than 90.0%


Not less than 96.0%


Shelf life, Storage and Packing

It should be stored in a segregated area in a cool and ventilated place away from combustible materials. Keep in a tightly closed container, sealed until ready for use. It is packed in 25kg or 50kg HDPE bags or drums as required.


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