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Lactic Acid USP

Lactic acid is an organic compound with the formula CH3CH(OH)CO2H. It is a white, water-soluble solid or clear liquid that is produced both naturally and synthetically. With a hydroxyl group adjacent to the carboxyl group, lactic acid is classified as an alpha hydroxy acid (AHA). In the form of its conjugate base called lactate, it plays a role in several biochemical processes.


Lactic acid is found primarily in sour milk products, such as koumiss, laban, yogurt, kefir, some cottage cheeses, and kombucha. The casein in fermented milk is coagulated (curdled) by lactic acid. Lactic acid is also employed in pharmaceutical technology to produce water-soluble lactates from otherwise-insoluble active ingredients.


Chemical Name: Lactic Acid
Mol. Formula: C3H6O3
Mol. Weight: 90.07948 g/mol
CAS No.: 50-21-5


General Specifications

Test Specification…USP
Appearance Colorless or yellowish, practically odorless, syrup liquid, is hygrocopic
Solubility Miscible with water, with alcohol, and with ether. Insoluble in chloroform.
Readily carbonizable substances Specified test
Residue on ignition Maximum 0.05%
Sugar Specified test. No red precipitate is formed.
Chloride Specified test. No opalescence is produced immediately.
Sulfate Specified test. No turbidity is produced.
Heavy metals Maximum 0.001%
Citric, oxalic, phosphoric, or tartaric acid Specified test. No turbidity is produced.
Organic volatile impurities Meets the requirement
Residual solvent Meets the requirement
Assay Not less than 88.0% and not more than 92.0% of C3H6O3


Shelf life, Storage and Packing

It should be stored in a segregated area in a cool and ventilated place away from combustible materials. Keep in a tightly closed container, sealed until ready for use. It is packed in 25kg or 50kg HDPE bags or drums as required.


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