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Ammonium Carbonate USP

Ammonium carbonate is a salt with the chemical formula (NH4)2CO3. Commercial samples labeled ammonium carbonate no longer contain this compound, but a mixture that has similar ammonia content, Since it readily degrades to gaseous ammonia and carbon dioxide upon heating. It is also known as baker’s ammonia and was a predecessor to the more modern leavening agents baking soda and baking powder. It is a component of what was formerly known as sal volatile and salt of hartshorn.


Ammonium carbonate may be used as a leavening agent in traditional recipes, particularly those from northern Europe and Scandinavia (e.g. Speculoos, Tunnbröd or Lebkuchen). It also serves as an acidity regulator and has the E number E503. It can be substituted with baking powder, but this may affect both the taste and texture of the finished product. Ammonium carbonate is the main component of smelling salts, although the commercial scale of their production is small.


Chemical Name: Ammonium Carbonate
Mol. Formula: (NH4)2CO3
Mol. Weight: 96.09 g/mol
CAS No.: 8000-73-5


General Specifications

Test Specification…USP
Appearance White Powder or hard, white or translucent masses.
Solubility Freely Soluble in Water, but is decomposed by Hot Water.
Residue on Ignition Maximum 0.1%
Chloride Maximum 0.0035%
Sulfate Maximum 0.005%
Heavy metals Maximum 0.001%
Organic volatile impurities Passes test
Assay Not less than 30.0% and not more than 34.0% of NH3


Shelf life, Storage and Packing

It should be stored in a segregated area in a cool and ventilated place away from combustible materials. Keep in a tightly closed container, sealed until ready for use. It is packed in 25kg or 50kg HDPE bags or drums as required.


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